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Dyslexia / Dyscalculia Screening for all age ranges

We offer a dyslexia screener as well as a dyscalculia screener as we realise that much is invested both financially and mentally in moving forward with a diagnosis and this early-screening information will allow us to be honest about whether going ahead with the diagnosis is recommended.

We will ask you to complete a short questionnaire

All information contained within it will be treated as private and confidential, so please do feel free to be as honest and open as you can. There’s no need to worry about your own literacy skills if this is difficult for you; make a few bullet points and send them over, then we’ll ask for any further information via the phone, asking you to sign off notes at the end of that process. We will also perform a short series of assessments (about one hour). This screener will inform us if a full diagnostic assessment would be beneficial. You will receive further specialist advice.

Please contact us for details of pricing and further information.

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Diagnostic Assessments and Disabled Students Assessments

The assessment process

The assessment process takes 2- 3.5 hours; some will present few concerns and not require all features of testing, others will have more areas to investigate. Before you attend for your assessment, we ask you to fill in a short questionnaire which can be found below. Please complete this and send it back to us before your appointment.

Download the Dyscalculia Background Questionnaire form

Reducing anxiety

Throughout the assessment process our aim is to minimise any stress or concern to all involved parties. If it is a child that is being assessed they may feel a little anxious. We find that telling them that they’ll be playing some games and completing some puzzles is comforting. We incorporate breaks and a biscuit and drink mid-testing. Please let us know if you do not wish for us to do so. We have a waiting room for guests whilst the assessments take place and we recommend that parents use this facility during testing rather than sitting in on the assessment as it can sometimes be off putting for children when parents are in the assessment room.

The report

Dyslexia Centre North West’s reports are very detailed and include three sections.

The first section explains the tests that the student/person has taken, what they are designed to probe, the results we found out and any implications.

The second part explains the impact of these results on an educational setting.

The third part of the report suggests way to strengthen the areas of weakness.

Giving feedback

Immediate feedback is often mis-leading; therefore, the report will be ready within 2 – 3 weeks of testing.

Talking the report through

When the report is ready we will contact you to let you know and we are here if you have any questions or need further support.

Fees: Please contact us for details of pricing and further information.

Dyslexia Diagnostic Assessments Age 16+ Please contact us for details of pricing and further information.

Dyscalculia Diagnostic Assessment please contact us for details of pricing and further information.