A Dyscalculia Diary – The Words of a Happily Hopeful Mother

Dear Diary…
Eek – Christmas is fast approaching and with that comes the festive holidays and endless hours of trying (and often failing) to keep my seven year old’s boredom at bay!  I mean, what does one do with ones child once all the new Christmas toys have been played with, and the turkey crown has run out?  Maybe a trip out to the corner shop for batteries?  Or defrost the just-in-case-I-burn-the-turkey- chicken?!  To be honest, I’m sick of turkey sandwiches after day three myself.  You see, I know that with a child that has dyscalculia, having spells of learning and practising techniques is crucial during school breaks.  As a Mother, I can’t just kiss goodbye to my child’s educational needs, when the last school bell rings.  Ellie has to have consistency and a sense that she is ‘on it’ and ahead of her game, so to speak.
What I’m trying to say is that sometimes I just simply run out of ideas.  There I said it!  Dear diary – don’t judge me (too much).  Am I a BAD mother?  A brilliantly big sigh follows that question.  Do I feel like I’ve exhausted all those games, books and activities?  Sadly, yes.  Do I need an inspirational wand to zap me?  Absolutely!  So, you can just imagine my face when I heard of Katie and her team offering a ‘Christmas Workshop’ for dyslexic and dyscalculia children, right?  Couldn’t have come at a better time, as my anxiety levels were going through the kitchen roof yesterday morning.  The workshops will involve multi-sensory learning, with a wonderful winter wonderland theme.  A time where Ellie can enhance her literacy and maths skills, through Christmassy activities, which are practically brimming with excitement.  Games like, hook Santa on the letter to spell a word and writing a magical letter to the man himself memory game.  The secret is that Ellie won’t know that she is learning, as she will be having far too much fun!  What’s more – is that she will make new friends and socialise with children her age, which are just like her.  Plus, they take home a festive goodie bag with ideas for holiday learning for us mere parents – so learning is kept alive during Christmas.
Safe to say, I booked a place quicker than you can say ‘jingle bells’!  I guess now I can sigh with relief, rather than exasperation.  No more repetitive exercises and dog-eared books.  It is also rather nice to say that my guilty-Mama trip has depleted somewhat.  I’ve made the decision to be pro-active by arranging extra support for my child.  I love her so much and will do literally ANYTHING to help.  But, it is also a stupendous support for me, as it can be exhausting thinking of new ideas and implementing them at home.  What is great on paper doesn’t mean it will translate well within my own four walls.  Katie and her team are always willing to advise changes we can make at home that will work.  Work for Ellie, me and our lifestyle.  I suppose, this eliminates nasties like burden (Ellie’s extra school work) and boredom (again Ellie).  I also love the sense of community amongst the parents.  It is nice to feel and know that I’m not alone.
*Event held on Saturday 8th December / 10am – 12pm*
*See workshop calendar for more information*