A Dyslexic Diary – The Ramblings of a Mummy in Marvellous Mayhem

Dear Diary…

Last time I put pen to this lined paper of yours, I was anxious about Henry going to the multi-sensory workshops over half-term, and what life would throw at us after the diagnosis.  A diagnosis, which told us what we were all thinking.  The obvious I guess.  Henry is obviously dyslexic.  Then there was the ‘told you so’ eyes from my own Mother, which was obviously going to be said.  Which in turn, came with an eye roll from me (obviously!).  Do you know what?  I don’t care!  I’m not the slightest bit bothered.  Henry thinks he is part of something amazingly awesome now he’s met loads of ‘cool’ kids with the same diagnosis.  That, if anything was the biggest relief, to be honest.  Plus, he IS cool, and he IS amazing!

Oh, how I love this boy of mine and how proud I am of him.  The workshops, led by Katie and her team, were simply fantastic.  All the kids there were encouraged to be themselves, be open-minded and have fun with each other.  A place they could be free to ‘be’.  It was a just the tonic to see Henry enjoying himself in a safe and relatable environment.  ‘But, now what?!’, I remember thinking when we drove home.  I was sat next to a passenger seat full of information, booklets and pages with words that will ultimately look completely alien, as soon as Henry is in bed and my bottom is on the sofa.  You see that’s what a sense of panic will lead you to.  Fear, and a head full of information that you cannot filter and questions that you forgot to ask at the workshop and now remember as clear as day.  Urgh!!  Plus, I am on my own.  A single parent on this new journey in my life.  I felt completely alone that night.

Since then, dear diary, Katie has told me about her new launch this November of three available product packages.  A subscribed secret Facebook community, which I can access, along with other parents with dyslexic children.  A place to take part in live question and answer sessions, ongoing fact-sheets and help-sheets that can also be sent to Henry’s school, as guidance for them.  There will be training videos on how I can support Henry at home with his dreaded homework and free future workshop access.  I think I will also benefit from the ‘Zoom Community’ online support network, as I can chat with other parents who are freaking out just like me!  Maybe I might get a tip or two or even (gasp) share some advice of my own one day?!

When I heard this, it was quite literally, music to my ears. It was rather overwhelming when I got confirmation.  Confirmation of something I already knew.  It suddenly made everything so real.  As though the word ‘dyslexia’ was something you could touch, hold and carry.  A completely new start and the day we both saw things differently.  I know I will need on-going support and advice as Henry will organically need different types of help and tools as he gets older.  I think that by keeping in touch with other kids of his age with dyslexia and attending future workshops, he will always be that bouncy boy full of bubbles that I love so much and make the progress he deserves.  With this new programme, I know he will be just fine.  We both will.

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