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Starting a Business with a Learning Difficulty: Tips for Parents with Dyslexia

When you have a specific learning difficulty like dyslexia, the idea of starting your own [...]

Therapy Thursday- 5 Top Tips for supporting your Dyslexic child with Home Learning

Hi Parents and Teachers, Let’s get your Therapy Thursday off to a great start with [...]

Christmas workshop

We felt sad that we wouldn’t see all your lovely faces at our Dyslexia Centre [...]

Visual Processing Difficulties

The SASC guidance gives careful consideration about visual processing difficulties and dyslexia. At the Dyslexia [...]

A Dyscalculia Diary – The Words of a Happily Hopeful Mother

Dear Diary… Eek – Christmas is fast approaching and with that comes the festive holidays [...]

A Dyslexic Diary – The Ramblings of a Mummy in Marvellous Mayhem

Dear Diary… Last time I put pen to this lined paper of yours, I was [...]

A Dyslexic Diary – The Ridiculously Hectic Pages of a Single Mum

Dear Diary… Half term is almost here and to be completely and utterly honest, it [...]

A Dyslexic Diary – The Wonderful Words of an Anxious Young Lady

Dear Diary… Summer is for sun, holidays, trips out and plenty of ice cream.  Not [...]

One of our very talented young lady’s piece of art work.

One of our very talented young lady’s piece of art work. She certainly is embracing [...]

A Dyslexic Diary – The Sporadic & Sincere Thoughts of a Mummy

Dear Diary… I’m not sure what I did wrong!  Did I not communicate properly when [...]